This Training Will Be Retired Permanently in...

"Imagine the Satisfaction Knowing You JUST Helped Someone Fulfill Their Dream From a Course YOU Created!"

Not to Mention the Financial Reward of Doing the Work ONCE
and Then Getting Paid for It Over and Over Again!

Are You Tired of the Struggle? I Was Too...and Then I did THIS:

I understand what it feels like to struggle wondering how to make ends meet. I lived in that space for years. I was experiencing a little success in my fledgling online marketing my business but it wasn't consistent by ANY stretch of the imagination. It was a life of up and downs...financially, emotionally and spiritually. That's when the bottom fell out. In the space of just 15 days, my Father died, my marriage ended, my dog died and my daughter moved away (sounds like a Country In the following 2 weeks after Dad's passing, my grandfather, uncle and cousin also passed away. It was the lowest of low times for me. I couldn't focus, couldn't work...hell, MOST days I could barely stop crying!

When I came through that time of grieving in April 2009 my cashflow was almost zero. I went back to doing what I knew but I ALSO knew it wouldn't get me to where I wanted to be in my business. A phone call to one of my business mentors changed all that. He challenged me to do something new in my business that, quite frankly, scared the daylights out of me. What world-changing advice did he give me?

He told me to create courses!

I had NO idea how to do what he said, but I had seen his approach to course creation so I modeled it and figured out the details. In June of 2009 (just a few months after my "Dark Night of the Soul") I taught my FIRST live course, "Public Domain Explained." It went really smoothly, especially for being my first. It went on to earn over $16,500 which, at the time, seemed almost magical.

Since creating that first course, I have created 50 courses and over 200 individual trainings using the course creation methods I've perfected since that time. And that's why I'm SO excited for you today!

Introducing..."Master Course Builder"

Over the years, I've perfected my course creation methods...EVERY aspect of them, from coming up with the initial ideas to delivering the final product. And, with the experience of creating SO many successful courses (some of which you may already own), I know EXACTLY how to guide YOU to repeat my success! That's why, for the first time ever, I am pulling together EVERY strategy, insight, behind-the-scenes method and more to empower YOU to create your OWN successful course.

Imagine having a course-creation expert take you by the hand and demonstrate:

  • Exactly what you should and shouldn't be looking for in the Idea Phase.
  • The behind-the-scenes setup you need to create and sell your course.
  • The step-by-step, proven design and creation methods for creating your course without wasting time.
  • Delivering your training using the right tools for the best customer experience.
  • What you should be thinking about and doing before, during and after creating your course.
  • The best ways to sell your course for maximum impact and sales!
  • How to turn your course into an ongoing, evergreen funnel you can profit from for years to come.
  • And MUCH, much more!

Here's What You Can Expect From "Master Course Builder!"

Module #1: Deciding What to Teach

Knowing WHAT to teach in your course can be one of the most challenging pieces to the puzzle. In this module, we break down the research, planning and preparation, step-by-step, so you know exactly what to share and when in your course...even if you don't feel like you're an expert! You'll discover how to come up with course ideas quickly (instead of taking months) that people will actually want to buy!

Module #2: Structuring the Course

Once you've decided WHAT to teach in your course, you must determine HOW to present the materials in a way that is easy-to-follow. It's tempting to over-deliver in the name of being thorough, but that isn't always best for your students (or the best use of your time). I'll share my simple strategies you can use to include exactly what you should. You'll also be equipped with my PROVEN creation and editing process that will save you HOURS (if not WEEKS) in editing time.

Module #3: Selling Your Course

It's one thing to create a course, but another to actually make SALES of it. Of course you want to be financially compensated for your time, knowledge and effort. In this module, we will break down the selling process from beginning to end. You'll discover the BEST options to set YOUR course apart from everyone else's (even if you're a newbie). You will also learn the insider strategies to "sell" your course without it feeling like you're SELLING!

Module #4: Delivering the Course

You have an awesome course idea and people are interested. The question is, HOW do you deliver the training? In this module, we break down the entire delivery process, from teaching the course modules to making the finished course ready and available for current and future students. Every piece of software, plugin and layout strategy you need will be shared with demos on how to easily set up the entire process.


To address lingering questions that relate to your own ideas for creating your first (or next) course we offered a bonus Q&A where we answeedr ALL your most pressing questions!

BONUS: Dedicated Facebook Group

As with all my trainings, the dedicated Facebook Group for Master Course Builders is where you can have ongoing interaction with the instructor and with fellow classmates! It's a SAFE area to share questions, course ideas, to celebrate your course creation and more!

BONUS: Behind-the-Scenes Training

While the Master Course Builder site was being created, the setup was recorded, from setting up the domain name to installing WordPress, the theme and plugins. These necessary TECH insights can be a stumbling block for some, but with this bonus, you'll see exactly how Master Course Builder was set up!


The slides from each Module have been uploaded for referencing the training notes as well as the slide creation process itself.

MEGABONUS: "Easy Product Webinars" Course

All SIX modules from my comprehensive webinar training, "Easy Product Webinars." EPW takes you in-depth and behind-the-scenes into the ENTIRE webinar creation process. You'll discover everything you need, from preparing and planning your presentation to uploading the final recording...and everything you need to know and understand in-between! A $197 value!

As always, Tony, you provide terrific courses in easy to follow, systematically presented. Please don't change your style of teaching. Thank you very much!

I love all the products you have released so far. Learning from you is always eye opening, if not pleasant. And I wish I could get everyone I know to share in your insights.

Tony, you are so far ahead of the pack it's hard to suggest improvements. Your approach is far more streamlined, with less irrelevant bells and whistles, compared than others I have bought. I look forward to knowing, in technical detail, and in content detail, how you organise and present your courses.

Join Master Course Builder Today! Just $297 $197

When you join "Master Course Builder" TODAY, your investment will include all 4 Training Modules, the BONUS Q&A, the private Facebook Group, the Replays and Slide PDFs and "Easy Product Webinars!"

All for Just $297 $197!


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This Training Will Be Retired Permanently in...

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